Friday, May 7, 2010

Wow!!! School is done Summer begins!!!!!!!!!!!

This past semester has gone by so quickly! I am officially a sophomore! I did really well on my finals by the Grace of God!
Man, I didn't think it was ever going to be this hard to say goodbye to my friends..... It wouldn't be so bad if I knew they were ALL coming back! But unfortunetly they ALL aren't or they aren't sure. Plus I've gotten so close with many of them it's just plain hard to say goodbye yes even for three months! By the Grace of GOd they are all in some way doing God's work, with maybe a youth group, on MISSIONS TRIPS to China! (two people) Peru (like 13 people) Brazil (one) Peragua (one) Japan (three or four) Haiti (two including myself) Dominican Republic (two or three) Praise God!!!!!!, and in many other ways!!! It's amazing to see God's Living Word and Majesty be spread around the world using poor very poor college students! I mean extremely poor college students lol. They may be poor but they are great goldy men and women of Christ! THey love the Lord so much! I give a shout out to my girl GINA! She is an insperation to me!
I am praying for all of these people and more. I am praying for the people that are going to be transformed and conformed to God and His holiness! I am praying also for myself to be transformed and conformed to Him and His holiness as well! I pray for the poeple being impacted by the missions trips and the poeple involved with God's Kingdom to see God's amazing and bountiful LOVE! I pray for God to open the saved and unsaved eyes to see the TRUTH!
My summer looks like this : I go home tomorrow, there for a week then go on vaction
then come back and head to Haiti for five weeks, fly to South Carolina, drive down home, drive up to tampa, live there for a month, go back to school AUgest 15! School starts up!

I can't wait to see the change the summer has brought in everyone especially in myself. I really hope that everyone reading my blog will also pray for the things I mentioned! I love you all but I got to go finish packing!
Yours Truly,
P.S. If you have any questions ask away!


  1. Prayers WILL be lifted. Grace & Peace!

  2. Aww thanks !!! I need it.... Ill be praying for you too!