Saturday, May 29, 2010


Wow I made it. Words can not even express the emotions I feel. Yesterday was a very busy day. Lets start from the being! I woke up at 2:45 left the house at 3:30 to meet the team I was flying with in Estero. The group of us left at around 4:30 to begin our long and amazing trip to Haiti. We arrived at the Miami airport at 7:00 and everything went smoothly from there. We arrived in Haiti, went through customs, got all our luggage, and found Gary and Benson standing awaiting our arrival. It was an awesome feeling to see both of the familiar faces! Unfortunately it was raining and didn't really stop for a while so the RMI staff and I and our shoes were soaking wet!
From there we all had lunch and the Haitian Guys, Gary and I dropped them off at the small airport to fly to Les Cayes. There was another team coming in right after them so the RMI staff and I went back to pick them up. Everything seem to go well with their pick up except some customs issues but God pulled them through it. There was a small finder binder but it hurt their truck more then ours! Thanking the Lord we headed to dinner and to the Retreat Center where this team was going to work on Homes for Haiti.
The last truck arrived at the Retreat Center at around 9:15. We dropped off the team and ran off to "home" the Mission Center. Gary and I got home at 10:30.
So all in all the day was was good. It was amazing to see old friends and catch up. I loved seeing the country side and seeing the people!
Please pray for the RMI staff and I while we go out to the country with the Estero team. It's not far from the Mission Center, but it's still Haiti and something could go wrong. Pray that we reach people hearts for the Lord and open the peoples eyes to God glory and grace. Pray that I embrace everything around me and the people around me. Pray that God really works in the lives we touch.

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  1. Britta! Glad to hear you made it down there safe! I'll be praying for ya! Rest up and get to work!