Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm Back!

Wow what an amazing week. I went out with a team to a town called Cherret. It's a little north of Les Cayes. It wasn't a long drive but it sure gave my heart a leap when we drove through the very crowded streets of the small market. The trucks barely made it through. When we arrived at the church we were greeted with a huge group of kids singing with the pastor, his wife, and church members. They welcomed us with such gratitude, love, and happiness. I can't even express the over whelming feeling I had to be already loved by people who had no idea who I was. I have awesome video, but unfortunately it's going to be a bet before I can place it on the internet to share. After the awesome fanfare, we had an amazing great big meal. The food was better then I remember. We had a debriefing meeting, where we prepare the team for what they should expect to happen and what is planned over the next four days. The sleep was hot quiet and paint filled.
Funny story time with D,
Well out in the country Haitians don't really have the best bathrooms, but fortunately this church did. They were located outside of the house were we staying. At night they locked all the doors and gave us bed pans. Out in the country of Haiti in the middle of night nothings awake not even the crickets. (well exept the really annoying dogs and chickens) I wasn't going to go to the bathroom and everyone hear me, so I figured I would just open the door quietly and go outside. The pastor didn't tell us that the door had been freshly painted a couple of days before. ooops.... To open the door quietly I leaned against it with my arm and upper thigh. When I successfully opened the door and proudly patted myself on the back I realized I was sort of stuck to the door. I had to peal my arm and thigh off. In the morning I had a blue streak of paint down my arm and a bit down my thigh. So the next night I thought I would try a different method, but woke up with a blue hand. It didn't really work, so I gave up and used the bed pan. Yeah that's right... ThAt GOOOD!

Sunday was so much fun. There was clapping, joyous singing, and love all around. The Haitians sing so beautifully. Just one night and morning and I could already see God in the peoples eyes and hearts. We had a service that night also. It was so much fun. We sang and danced! Out of the whole trip the singing and dancing, praising the Lord was my favorite. There was also a youth meeting, that was fun also. I taught some of the team members a skit so we did that for them. They loved it. Lots of laughing and smiles. (for the trinity students we did the "chair skit")

The next day the lady's packed goody bags for the Haitian women and men and the men built a wall. That was a hot day. The next day we had a women's tea and the men had a "men's tea". We had so much fun with the Haitian women. They are so precious.
Over all the trip went very well. We left on time the next day unfortunately the last day and got to the Retreat Center tired some sick and excited to be able to stop swetting.
The people at the church really impacted my life in many ways. I got to experience a satisfied life. I learned to be excepting to everyone through the Haitian people. I learned that I don't like taking showers with spiders, crickets, or cockroaches.

Oh there are many more stories and memories made, but that is the short version of a week with a team. God worked in so many ways in that one week. He touched hearts. He showed encouragement to those who really needed it. He opened eyes, and He used people for His glory!


  1. Stuck to the door, huh? Nice, Brit... You know, I feel a nick name coming on... Blue Streak, Bed Pan, Blue Britta? LoL... Anyways, sounds like an exciting week. Keep up the good work sis! Peace be with you.

  2. hahahaha! I love the paint story! It made me miss you and all the laughs we share! Love and miss you <3