Monday, June 7, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

I got to admit it's really hot here. During the day there are only a few times that it's not hot for example in the shade or when a breeze comes. I think the only reason why I haven't gained weight is because I sweat it right off. But I the food here is amazing every meal. Well there were two things I didn't care for. One is breadfruit whipped into this hard foam goo and it's dipped in this slimy sauce both having no taste to them. The Haitians love it. It's called tomtom. The other was this oatmeal type cereal that oatmeal lovers would love but for me it wasn't up my ally. Other then those two I have just enjoyed eating so much. The Haitian's hospitality surpasses ours at any rate. They make so much food for the teams when they have so little. They give up there beds and sometimes even home for the teams to stay at the church. It's just so amazing. I couldn't really see the people in the US be so open and loving right away unless you were foreigner.
When I got back from the country I helped where I could then saw my dad off back to the states. I went back home (Gary and Maryland's house) and tried to recover from a very long week. As much as you think you drink water you really don't drink enough. I thought I did, but I guess I didn't cause I was feeling sort of under the weather. Friday the next morning I was moving pretty slow but went over and talked to Rob Thompson the field director in Haiti. We had a good talk and had lunch. The best part of the day was when we (Rob, Becky, and I) went into town together. That was a lot of fun. Town is hard to describe. It's like ants in an ant farm, orderly but chaotic. After that adventure I went to catch up with some friends and found out that one of the girls was going to play volleyball so I got to join her! It was a lot of fun! The Haitians are pretty good. We only peppered but I can't wait to play with a net! Saturday Gary and Maryland's home church came in to work on the housing project. They had it under control and didn't really need my help so I help Maryland with Hope for Kids most of the day. Once the guys were done for the day we packed into trucks and headed out to the Retreat Center. Sunday we all went to the teams Haitian church. That was a lot of fun as usaul. The team members were really excited to be there. Kids in a candy store. Every one had a glow about them and it's not just the sweat. There was this little girl that was giving everyone kisses on the cheek. You'll see a picture of her. She's in a green dress. The church was right on the beach in a beautiful area. We had a great time with the poeple. After eating we headed back to the Retreat Center, oh yeah did I mention we had ice cream! Yeah it was better then in the states. So good.
Now the team is working on the houses and I am working on Hope for Kids. I'll be trying to get the pictures on the blog as soon as I figure how to.
Only by the grace of God,

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