Friday, June 18, 2010

Story Time with D

Just a jog turned into a life experience. Two team members decided to go on an early morning jog, while staying at the sister church Maniche. One was Haitian and one Cuban-American. They are both very passionate driven men that love the Lord. They were walking up the mountain and saw this Haitian man walking down with some logs on his back. They decided to ask the man if he knew Jesus Christ. Well the man answered, "What can Jesus give me" One of the team members said, "living water." That was the start of an interesting relationship. It turns out that the man is a pastor and wanted to see where the team members were coming from. He was feeling very discouraged about all the religions in Haiti. (voodoo and Catholicism est...) The pastor invited the two team members to his home. After hiking up and down around and every where else they got to the home. They said it was beautiful. They got to meet his wife and son. They got to drink coconut milk and sing songs of praise to the Lord. But most of all they got to encourage a very fallen spirit. The pastor and his son got to come later to the going away service for the team at the Maniche church. The two team members said they felt like little kids with so much excitement to see their new found friends had come. When they got back to the church they told the story with so much passion. Tears of humbleness, joy, love, and pure encouragement. God puts different people, different circumstances, and different things in our path to challenge, motivate, teach, encourage, and inspire us. Over all He wants us to be better people to impact the World He given us. I believe God worked in powerful ways that morning and the rest of the week in that pastors heart. The members said that his heart was hard, but God worked on the pastor's heart and the pastor came to the service like I had said before.
That is one of the stories that was just amazing to be able to tell and experience.
Only what HE wants,

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