Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 3

[Excerpts from the team’s blog…]

Our day began with a presentation at Grace School and speOutline of vballnt 3 and a half hours there this morning. We played three versus three and then the girls split up and each took a group of students to teach them the fundamentals of volleyball. At the end of the sessions, the teams played each other for a bit. When given the option to take a break, two of the teams decided to keep playing because they were so excited to have the opportunity! A common thing that has been happening when we play volleyball with the kids here is that they always revert back to their soccer skills. Several times today, we would have to get balls down from a net hanging over the volleyball court because they had kicked them up there. Towards the end of our time there, we were given the chance to work with the school´s volleyball team. They were a group of 11 girls who actually had some basic skills and a love for the game! We became very attached to these girls and they to us. At the end, they asked us if we had Facebooks so they could look us up!

There’s also something about a restaurant with the meat on a sword and ten desserts; some shopping; a museum of Paraguayan heroes; the exchange of pictures and letters at the orphanage and finishing the painting there! Wow! Each day is jam-packed full!

Sounds like the team’s hearts are being touched as much as they are touching hearts!

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