Monday, May 9, 2011

Progress Report

I received my passport!!

Next challenge: Paraguayan visa by Saturday so I can get on the plane with the team on Sunday May 15.  PRAY please!!!!

I received my first donation toward the trip!

What an encouragement.  Wow.  Keep praying, there is a way to go still and it needs to come in quickly.

Finals – almost done! 

By Thursday I’ll officially be a junior.  I can’t believe it, what a relief.

Friday I head home.

I’m packing and will be ready when my mom and dad come to help me move out of the dorm.

Pray for the visa process please!!

I have to have the visa to fly on Sunday.  Pray that the Paraguayan Embassy process it quickly and get it in the mail in time for me to get it by Saturday.

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