Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 5

[Excerpt from the team’s blog….]

We did 4 presentations today working with 2 younger groups and 2 older groups.  It also was not totally centered around volleyball which we all enjoyed.  Sue’s school had prepared a song, some drama, and had a pastor speak and offer the prayer of salvation.  It was awesome that we could be used as a tool to get into the school, because without us, that school would not of had a chance to share that Gospel.  Dawn talked in front of the groups and did a fantastic job talking about pride.  She did not intend to talk about this, but the Holy Spirit put it on her heart right before she got up there.  it was a very powerful message.  Also, the students really enjoyed the volleyball aspect of it and getting the opportunity to play.

In between the morning and afternoon session, Sue and Perla took us to Cerro Lambare, a hill with a very popular statue which symbolizes all the curses and satanic forces that were put onto Paraguay by the Masons.  Lambare is the exact center of all South America. Many churches and Christians have gone there and prayed over the area.  It was amazing that none of us felt the dark, spiritual presence while visiting.  It was made so clear to us that the demons had to flee at the name of Jesus.

………….. [from Coach Tom]  Tom’s thoughts….I can see a difference in the girls already.  They are becoming one right before my eyes.  God is moving thru them to the people of Paraguay, but also changing them at the same time.  The more they give, the more they receive.  Continue to keep them in your prayers, they are getting pretty tired.  Sara and I have enjoyed having them and they are doing wonderful!!!

Thank you for your prayers – don’t stop now!!

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